Brothers Body and Equipment, LLC
Manufacturers of severe duty specialty trucks and trailers

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The team at Brothers Body and Equipment, LLC has been building severe duty custom truck bodies, trailers, and associated
equipment since 1975.  We are the exclusive manufacturer of Otterbacher Trailers. We are a certified
Tommy Gate sales and
service dealer. We are an authorized
American Hauler dealer. We design and build custom trucks, bodies, and trailers that are
known for their high quality and reliability. Our trucks and trailers are offered in multifunctional models to include
concession, mobile
offices, workshops, food service, water purification, power generation, command centers, response centers, and bunkhouses. These
are severe duty vehicles that provide many years of service life.
Our Mission
Brothers Body and Equipment strives to be the leading provider of severe duty, custom
truck bodies, trailers, and associated equipment for use in amusement, emergency
response, and mobile operations.
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Army FMS Ambulance contract awarded to Brothers
Army FMS Truck contract awarded to Brothers
Custom Decontamination Trailer delivered to the Army
Recruiting Trailer delivered to the Marines
Custom Land Cruiser fleet delivered to DoS
Custom MPPU delivered to West Virginia
Army PCM multi-year contract continues at Brothers
Marine Corps Recruiting Trailer fleet contract awarded to Brothers
Army Hearing Testing Trailer contract awarded to Brothers
Custom Refuse Truck delivered to NPS
First delivery of Lakeshore Custom Vans
Air Deployable Custom Mack Truck deliveries complete to Whitehouse